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add code for page count to
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wp tagcloud – limit numbers of tags?
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Working Code:

justified_image_grid row_height=140 orderby=date_desc filterby=attachment_tag filter_style=tags limit=30 last_row=hide randomize_width=150 image_taxonomy=attachment_category image_tax_term=180mm

justified_image_grid row_height=140 orderby=date_desc filterby=attachment_category filter_style=tags limit=10 last_row=hide randomize_width=150 image_taxonomy=attachment_category image_tax_term=e-20mm-f2-8

add code before gallery for visability:

extra random widget?

med tagcloud:

samma ovan utan tagcloud (ändra under Filtering) – nedan är för banner typ:



A Special Collection of  “Abstract”

– – – – – – – – – Good to Know:

Pre-filter by selecting images based on taxonomy…you mean in the general settings in the shortcode editor?

Yes that, where you select the taxonomy at creating the gallery and not the user with buttons above the grid


I am using Media Library Assistant, and when you use this, you might need to set the filterby option “attachment_category” – for example, filterby=attachment_category .

Hi, your first version would look for tags in the images, it can’t predict that you have attachment_category. You solved it wisely.

It’s no longer advised to fiddle with IDs. There are automatic ways to set up galleries, such as auto take over, or gallery based on tags, categories

keep below 500 images/gallery for performance

Filtering is not meant to be used to create separate minigalleries, but you can pre-filter instead by selecting images based on taxomomy (tags) in the shortcode editor. The reason for that is it would only work with #deeplinking which is already used by most lightboxes and AJAX sites so it would conflict with them. So no you can’t get a link that autofilters the gallery.

Sort on a field that you don’t use for the caption.
WP has 4 metadata fields, JIG can sort on the
Title (not filename exactly).
Use the remaining 3 metadata fields (description, caption, alternate text), for display on the thumbnails or in the lightbox. If you don’t touch the Title, it’ll be derived from the filename automatically.

You can sort by Title, which is by default derived from the file name.